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An exciting shift is happening in carrier and enterprise networking, with virtualization and software-defined networking technologies bringing new possibilities. Spirent’s SDN and NFV test solutions let you build a next-generation network—quickly, efficiently and with total confidence.

eBook: Moving from NFV PoC to Deployment

Virtualization is the current best bet for revolutionizing the agility, performance, and cost of practically every function in the end-to-end network. Learn more about the concept of network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) in this new eBook from Spirent.

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This test and monitoring solutions brochure provides an overview of Spirent’s broad range of SDN and NFV operational test and monitoring solutions including cloud stack layers, NFV elements, IP infrastructures, mobile virtual core and edge elements, application and security assurance, orchestration and test automation requirements.

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Virtualized Testing: TM Forum Insights Research Feature

A powerful new asset in the customer experience assurance toolkit

Get this article and learn about the impact of network function virtualization (NFV) has on the active testing market. It talks about the emerging use cases for virtualized active testing, and Spirent’s offerings in this area.

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Testing NFV deployments

Moving to a virtualized platform brings new agility, but agility must be accompanied by predictability. With Spirent’s Network Function Virtualization (NFV) testing solutions you can ensure performance, reliability and predictability for your virtualized network functions —before and after deployment.

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SDN test solutions

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) encompasses many new technologies that allow the decoupling of network decisions from network traffic forwarding. Spirent technology allows you to determine the impact to network Quality of Service (QoS) and end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) by defining millions of flows that mimic real-world traffic patterns.

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Test your OpenFlow readiness

With OpenFlow specifications changing rapidly, is your network, controller or switch ready to handle the stress of a real-time programmable network? Spirent’s test solutions can verify the performance, availability, security and scalability of any OpenFlow network.

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What to test


NFV performance

Performance testing of individual VNFs in addition to service chain validation


NFV orchestration

Validate policy-driven use cases such as VM migration and elastic auto-scaling


Virtual infrastructure

Benchmark your virtual infrastructure performance to ensure continued cloud service excellence


Wi-Fi Throughput Performance

With a large number of client connections and various realistic traffic loading


OpenFlow performance

Ensure your OpenFlow controller or switch can scale from a few to millions of flows


Virtualization architecture

Emulate and test before you implement to gain complete view of the customer experience

Spirent TestCenter Virtual

Testing topologies to run on both control plane
and data plane to stress simulated, virtualized
network functions

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PCEP Emulation

Testing high availability and failover-convergence for PCE as part of the SP-SDN protocol emulation such as Segment Routing and BGP-LS

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Segment Routing

Ability to support OSPF and ISIS extensions for Segment Routing that enables the user to build IGP topology and test traffic forwarding using Segment Routing labels

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VXLAN Emulation

Complete testing coverage from simple to complex, large-scaled data center configurations and multiple address learning methods—unicast, multicast with IGMP or multicast with PIM

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EVPN Emulation

Easy configuration and management of complex
EVPN topologies with ability to emulate vast number of PEs and CEs devices and validate their performance
and scalability

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BGP-LS Test Solution

Test solution to help emulate BGP-LS protocol and enable functional, scalability, performance and interoperability testing of BGP-LS implementation.

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SDN and NFV solutions

Spirent TestCenter

Spirent TestCenter

End-to-end SDN testing solution delivers high performance with deterministic results. Also able to verify VNF components and virtual infrastructure

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Spirent TestCenter OpenFlow

Spirent TestCenter OpenFlow

A complete solution for testing and verifying OpenFlow compliance and the performance of controllers, switches and end-to-end OpenFlow network designs

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Spirent TestCenter Virtual

TestCenter Virtual

Complements the capabilities of Spirent TestCenter to benchmark and optimize performance of virtual switches, network virtualization and cloud platforms

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Spirent TestCenter Live

The first virtualized distributed Ethernet probe provides the visibility and scalability to provision and monitor your data center and NFV next-generation network

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