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The Internet of Things (IoT) offers breathtaking potential. But IoT success means navigating new technologies, multiple standards, intense competition, and security threats. Spirent helps developers, operators, and service providers optimize their IoT solution and get to market faster. Discover how below.

Spirent Featuring Gartner Webcast Series:
The Internet of Things

In this webcast, we explore a series of Q&A with two of the industry’s leading experts from Gartner Research and Spirent Communications.

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IoT challenges we are solving

Standardization & Interoperability

IoT - Standardization & Interoperability

Spirent helps simplify and accelerate IoT adoption through standardized developer and interoperability tools.

Certification & Testing

IoT - Certification & Testing

We help make IoT safe and secure through intelligent certification/security testing and active service assurance.

Visiblity & Control

IoT - Visibility & Control

Spirent gives you greater control through the application of advanced analytics and remote device management.

What's your quality?

While some IoT systems will not need high levels of performance, service quality and security; others will. Actionable and predictive analytics will be central to managing the relationships between service quality, network performance and user experience.

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IoT Security Resources

IoT Security for the Enterprise

The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a key role in many processes for organizations—and use is on the rise. Learn about the current state of IoT security, potential threat vectors, and best practices for vulnerability assessment, testing, and DevOps.

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IoT Security Concerns:
On-Demand Webinar

A high number of IoT deployments have experienced security breaches that were costlier than breaches in other parts of the enterprise IT infrastructure. View the webinar to identify potential threat vectors and suggested remediation processes.

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The State of IoT Security Infographic

IoT-related business projects and the related data security, and privacy risks they pose are rapidly evolving. This infographic supports the information gathered in the IDC survey commissioned by Spirent.

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Rapid Maturity of IoT Projects Highlights Risks

IDC Survey finds IoT-related data breaches and highlights the IoT threats associated with rapidly evolving business projects. Learn more in this survey commissioned by Spirent.

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Lifecycle Service Assurance

Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA) enables providers to perform infrastructure validation, service testing and operational assurance for critical IoT services. With LSA, providers can rapidly deploy IoT services with reduced operational costs and differentiated quality.

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What to test

Standards conformance - For Device & Network Interoperability

Standards conformance

For device and network interoperability

Security - To Protect Users & Data


To protect users and data

Service Experience - To Ensure Devices Get Appropriate Service Levels

Service Experience

To ensure devices get appropriate service levels

Cloud - For Effective Network Performance


For effective network performance

Service Assurance - To Manage Remote Device Connections

Service Assurance

To manage remote device connections

Quality of Experience - To Guarantee A High Level of Performance

Quality of Experience

To guarantee a high level of performance

5 Key Test Considerations for Cellular IoT Devices

Cellular modules have made it easy to build robust IoT devices, but there are also some unique pitfalls that developers and designers may not know how to avoid. This white paper explores them in more detail.

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Optimizing Cellular Networks for IoT

This paper introduces the key test and assurance challenges created by the Internet of Things, analyzes the risks of not addressing them adequately, and presents some advice on how best to tackle them.

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IoT SLA Assurance

For better IoT SLA assurance and monetization, Spirent InTouch is a comprehensive platform to support your applications.

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Wireless Device Testing

Spirent Elevate is a cost-effective, compact network emulator solution that addresses varying types of IoT devices with unique challenges and testing needs.

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Spirent TTworkbench

TTworkbench is the full-featured integrated test development and execution environment for automated testing of software components of the IoT.

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A ready-to-use, standardized test solution for IoT/oneM2M conformance, interoperability and system testing, covering all service layer functions.

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