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When you’re developing the next generation of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) services or devices, you need to deliver the best possible accuracy, availability, integrity, and performance. With Spirent’s advanced test solutions you can conduct comprehensive, reliable, and repeatable tests throughout the R&D process, to ensure your product is fit for purpose and meets all relevant industry standards.

Military & government

Military and government organizations depend on satellite systems for timing, navigation, and positioning—failure is not an option. As a developer of GPS/GNSS systems for military and government use, you can rely on Spirent’s multi-GNSS and hybrid positioning simulators to test resilience in the presence of possible threats and other performance-impairing factors.

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Space programs rely on GNSS for accurate positioning and altitude determination. You need to ensure the correct functioning of space-borne receivers prior to launch, which requires extensive lab-based simulation. Spirent’s high-performance GNSS simulators are used by space agencies and aerospace manufacturers to accurately predict performance during launch, orbit, and re-entry.

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Chipset development

GNSS chipset development never stands still: you’re always striving to improve the balance between factors including accuracy, integrity, resilience, cost, footprint, and power consumption. To help you in that quest, Spirent’s industry-leading Multi-GNSS and Hybrid positioning simulators address the full spectrum of your civilian and military GNSS testing needs.

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From smarter vehicles to smarter infrastructure, transport increasingly relies on satellite and hybrid positioning systems. As an organization working to deliver a new era of intelligent transportation, you need to ensure your systems are accurate, trustworthy, and highly available. Spirent’s GNSS simulation solutions give you a wide range of options for thorough, reliable, lab-based performance testing.

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Mobile devices

New mobile devices rely on a range of technologies to deliver increasingly sophisticated positioning, navigation, and location-based services. In developing new systems, you face a diverse set of GNSS testing challenges during development. We’ll help you meet those challenges every step of the way—with Spirent’s world-class, ground-breaking test solutions and expert, in-depth support.

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GSS6700 Multi-GNSS simulation system

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GSS9000 GNSS constellation simulator

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GSS7765 Interference simulation system

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Custom Solutions

We have worked with many customers to develop bespoke solutions. We can help you too. Talk to our Custom Solutions team so that we can understand your requirements.

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Suggested products for research & development environments

GSS9000 Multi-Constellation Simulator


High-performance multi-frequency RF simulator for R&D testing, offering all signals and codes for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou-2 QZSS, and SBAS

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GSS7765 Interference Simulation System


Use with the GSS9000 constellation simulator to test the performance of satellite navigation equipment in the presence of intentional or unintentional RF interference

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GSS6700 Multi-GNSS Simulation System


A robust platform for GNSS development testing, offering up to 48 channels of GPS/SBAS L1, QZSS, GLONASS L1, Galileo E1, and Beidou-2 L1/B1

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Works with your Spirent GNSS constellation simulator to enable professional, repeatable, lab-based simulation of integrated GNSS and inertial systems

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Flight simulator

Comprehensive support for all forms of GNSS technology R&D. Generate R&D test scenarios with a complete flexible scenario-generation software platform

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Test the performance of integrated GNSS/inertial system algorithms by simulating the output from a range of common MEMS inertial sensors

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Common GNSS errors and how to test them

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Four considerations to prevent damaging your wearable brand

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Preparing for Multi-Frequency GPS/GNSS

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Future Trends in GNSS Record & Playback

Learn about the latest trends in field testing and benefits that the record & playback approach brings.

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