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Our solutions for 5G create value for our customers through the simplification of complex 5G testing.  Customers can also achieve cost efficiencies through 5G lab and test automation.  With expedited testing and continuous assurance there is an acceleration to revenue.

5G Test


Automating & simplifying the testing of complex 5G multi-vendor environments & E2E services – Lab as a Service
Accelerating the Prototyping & testing of new Radio Frequencies & RAN technology – 5G Chanel Emulation
Bridging the gap between Public & Telco Cloud performance requirements – NFV & SDN test solutions
Testing and assuring the evolution of the Core Network to support 5G capabilities such as Slicing, Massive IoT, Edge Computing and CUPS – Landslide Core Network Emulation & Testing
Continuous active assurance of 5G services across the evolving 4G/5G Hybrid network – Lifecycle Service Assurance
Preemptive Security testing, risk assessment and continuous auditing across the new 5G network and services – Spirent Security Solutions



Gear up for 5G eBook

Gear up for 5G

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Measuring Massive MIMO eBook

Measuring Massive MIMO

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White Paper

White Paper: Do you See what I See

Do You See What I See?

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Spirent’s renowned industry expert, JP Nuutinen, covers 5G New Radio physical layer enhancements and associated testing challenges for both RF and Wi-Fi networks.

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Spirent Launches 5G OTA Massive MIMO Test

5G OTA Massive MIMO Test


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5G A Leap Unbounded by 4G

5G: A Leap Unbounded by 4G


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5G Testability and Economics

RCR wireless Carrier Wrap Video cover


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