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About Us Spirent is the leading global provider of testing, assurance, analytics, and security solutions. From physical and virtual service provider networks and ...
With Spirent, you can test, refine, and optimize all aspects of in-car, V2V, and V2X connectivity to provide the experiences that modern drivers and passengers demand.
www.spirent.com White Paper The LTE User Equipment Perspective IMS rchitecture
Landslide (re)defining Network Element testing. Performance, scale and functional testing of Mobile, Wi-Fi, IMS and Diameter networks
Service providers, NEMs and enterprises use Spirent TestCenter to test, measure and validate their networks and deploy services with confidence.
Spirent offers top-rated application security testing and consulting solutions. We help mitigate the security risks of enterprise applications and their associated infrastructure.
The GSS7000 series Multi-GNSS Constellation Simulator helps improve upon the L1 multi-channel GSS6300M/GSS6700 series, adding multi-frequency (L2/B2, L5/E5) capability for R&D, verification and integration testing of location-enabled civilian and consumer products. Easy to use, flexible, modular yet ...
Testing the future. The boundaries of how fast, far, and accurately voice and data can be transmitted have yet to be reached, or even definedand Spirent is leading the way.
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