Virtual Drive Test - Conversion Tool

Bringing virtual drive testing into your lab



Spirent’s Virtual Drive Test - Conversion Tool makes the “necessary evil” of drive testing less challenging by converting drive test data to a lab-reproducible format. The tool can convert data from scanner log to active use in a matter of minutes.  

Now capturing, saving and “playing back” an RF environment is easier than ever with Spirent’s VDT - CT. Drive a route once, capture RF scenarios with a third-party scanner, and play them back with VDT-CT for repeatable, realistic drive testing that starts the minute you decide to do it.

Features & Benefits

Multi-technology support and hybrid logging
Enhanced Data collection for LTE, CDMA and WCDMA which supports simultaneous scanning and phone logging.
Graphical analysis
Allows for easy and intuitive analysis.
Logging support for a wide variety of formats
Simplified and efficient testing including integration with QxDM logging in native format.
High correlation with live network data
Faitfhful reproduction of real-world scenarios that reduces the need to do expensive, time-consuming, and hard to do drive testing out in the field. Start drive testing on your bench top within minutes.
Simplified cabling setup
Seamless integration with Spirents’ VR5 and XD5 Multilink Duplexer reduces unnecessary cabling and increases testing capacity.

Data sheet

VR5 Spatial Channel Emulator

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Data sheet

VR5 - XD5 Multilink Duplexer Unit

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Data sheet

VDT-Conversion Tool

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