Put 400G to the test

400G network devices will help address the expanding demands for network link speeds expected to exceed 1 Tb/s. Testing is the fundamental building block to delivering reliable, high-performing systems and starts with validating the link’s ability to pass up to line rate traffic as well as testing the functionality, performance, scalability and QoE of the upper-layer engines that deliver services.

400G Test Solution

Spirent’s 400GbE platform is designed to address today’s IEEE and MSA standards as they evolve. Spirent is committed to addressing these standards’ requirements to help protect your present and future investments.

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Spirent, China Telecom, Huawei Collaborate to Verify 400GbE

Spirent, China Telecom, Huawei Collaborate to Verify 400GbE. Tests included the verification of 400GbE port functions such as line-speed forwarding, multi-service stacking, and fault reporting for medium and long-range technologies using Spirent TestCenter.


Spirent, Huawei, Xilinx Collaboration

Spirent, Huawei and Xilinx collaborated to successfully complete a series of tests between the 400G Ethernet test solution and Huawei’s NE500E core router. The tests verified the Layer 1-3 quality and highlighted error-free performance with different combinations of streams, frame lengths and rates—including a single stream running at full line rate.


2015 Best of Interop Tokyo

400G Ethernet Test System received the 2015 Best of Interop Grand Prize at Interop Tokyo.

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Spirent, Huawei Demo 400G Interoperability

The industry’s first public demonstration showed the 400G Ethernet Test System interoperating with Huawei’s NE5000E core router.

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Spirent Wins
Best of Interop Tokyo

400G Ethernet Test System received
the 2015 Best of Interop Grand Prize
at Interop Tokyo.

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Spirent First to Show 400G Ethernet Test Solution

New 400Gbps Solution, Showcased Live at Events in North America and China, Delivers Performance and Functional Testing.

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Frame Analysis
Sends and receives Ethernet frames from 64 to 16K bytes in length. Allows modification of generated frame contents.
Performance Metrics
Delivers per-port and per-stream statistics such as latency, frames out of sequence, frame counts and rates. Provides Layer 1 statistics such as per lane Bit Interleave Parity (BIP) error counts and Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) indicators such as per lane alignment marker lock to help debug physical link problems.
Captures received traffic at wire rate and compensates for small clock differences between link partners with parts per million (PPM) adjustment.

Spirent’s Other Ethernet Solutions

Spirent's end-to-end testing solution delivers high performance with deterministic results. Service providers, NEMs and enterprises use Spirent Ethernet solutions to test and measure network performance and deploy services with confidence.

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