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Customer and Network Analytics


Enabling Service Providers to Monetize the Internet of Everything

Spirent’s InTouch Customer and Network Analytics (CNA) solution is an operational analytics platform that enables service providers to develop and monetize IoT applications for high value enterprise customers.

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Enabling Operators to Ensure the VoLTE Customer Experience

Spirent’s InTouch Customer and Network Analytics (CNA) solution is a highly scalable, field proven solution ready to leverage analytics to ensure the VoLTE experience.

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Spirent InTouch—Customer and Network Analytics

Spirent InTouch—Customer Experience Assurance Demo

Addressing the customer experience challenges in VoLTE services

VoLTE services are being aggressively deployed in mature markets, driven by market pressure to deliver a better voice experience to subscribers. Get the white paper to learn more about ensuring VoLTE quality is maintained.

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Customer and Network Analytics

With better analytics you’ll gain an edge over your competition. Learn how to proactively identify and resolve customer experience hotspots before they cause churn. This white paper will also show you how you can expedite the root causes analysis process itself, which further minimizes engineering time and customer care handling time.

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Features & Benefits

Data fusion and correlation

Highly scalable collection, correlation, and analysis of traditionally disconnected customer, network, and reference data 

Customer experience scoring

Rich, 360 customer experience scores, tuned to align with outcomes like churn, complaint, survey and NPS scores

Proactive hotspot detection

QoE hotspot reporting and alerting across key dimensions like regions, devices, customers or groups, network elements, etc.

Rapid root cause analysis & resolution

Structured drill down to actionable radio, signaling, device, other issues 

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