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More than ten years ago, operators needed to assure the speech quality of a new generation of devices using advanced codec technology. That’s how Fit4Launch started. Ten years later, Fit4Launch has assured the user experience of more than 1,300 device models and now covers voice, data and video services and battery life. As VoLTE, IR.94 and VoWiFi roll out, leading operators and manufacturers rely on Fit4Launch to assure this new generation of devices will delight and inspire customers.

Fit4Launch by the Numbers



Device Models

Over 1,300 device models evaluated with Fit4Launch before going
to customers


Detected Issues

Over 450 device models required improvement due to serious user experience issues


Lab Tests

Greater than 7,000 user experience tests performed in the
Fit4Launch Lab


Live Network Tests

Greater than 13,000 stationary and mobile user experience tests performed in the live network


Miles Driven

More than 600,000 miles driven by Fit4Launch vehicles in the
live network


Calls & Data Sessions

More than 22,000,000 calls and data sessions established with live network servers

All Devices are Not Created Equal


The Fit4Launch Value Proposition


Fit4Launch Infrastructure

We’ve made major investments over the past year so we can support you today and tomorrow. We’ve increased our fleet of vehicles in live networks across the US. We’ve extended our ecosystem to Asia-Pacific with a new lab in Beijing. And we’ve upgraded our entire infrastructure to support the next generation of IP services including VoLTE, IR.94, VoWiFi, and more.

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