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C2K-ATS is an automated solution for testing wireless 1X and EV-DO Rev. 0/Rev. A/Rev. B handsets and terminal devices. Designed and built by the recognized experts in CDMA/EV-DO testing, Spirent's C2K-ATS is a completely automated, easy to use, accurate, and scalable single-platform solution. This means your immediate testing needs can evolve alongside your changing test plan; any C2K-ATS configuration can be scaled to any other.

What to test


Conformance/Carrier Acceptance

Automates minimum RF and signaling conformance test cases from all key CDMA/EV-DO test standards


Data throughput

Provides an automated platform for testing data services on CDMA2000, EV-DO Rev 0, and EV-DO Rev A devices


Location-based testing

Comprehensive, automated testing of CDMA mobile based position-location technologies

C2K-ATS Data Throughtput Testing

In this configuration, the C2K-ATS implements control over a data client that automates control of the DUT. The system stress-tests and quantifies data throughput using a variety of protocols. The system also implements Data Retry testing—a “safe-for-network” verification so a rogue handset design doesn’t flood the network with inappropriate requests for data resources.

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This Location-Based Services (LBS) configuration automates testing of industry-defined TIA-916 (C.S0036) requirements as well as User Plane-based LBS on 1x and EV-DO devices, and autonomous mode LBS.

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C2K-ATS Minimum Performance RF Testing

As one of the flagship usage cases of the C2K-ATS, it not only tests conformance to industry specifications, but provides the flexibility to automate performance testing for DVT, debugging, device characterization, and more.

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C2K-ATS Signaling Conformance Configuration

As the second flagship use case, this configuration of the ever-scalable C2K-ATS automates Signaling Conformance test cases from all key CDMA/EV-DO test standards.

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Features & Benefits

Ensures product quality
Complete coverage of industry conformance testing
Efficiency of resources usage/faster time-to-market
Fully automates all key industry standard conformance tests for faster time-to-market
Long-term value through scalability
The same system can be scaled to cover 1X, EV-DO Rev. 0 and EV-DO Rev A, Location-Based Services, Minimum Performance and custom testing

White paper

Testing CDMA and EV-DO Mobile Terminal Devices: Beyond Conformance – a high-level overview of CDMA and EV-DO testing. 

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