8100 UMTS

8100 UMTS

The optimal solution for UMTS mobile device and chipset testing



Spirent’s 8100 UMTS offers a wide range of high-value test coverage, carried out under realistic conditions using flexible multi-cell, multi-RAT network emulation, including radio channel conditions and interfering cells. Test coverage is grouped into Test Packs that address 2G and 3G packet and circuit switched environments, as well as full multi-cell mobility scenarios.

What to test



Data throughput, call reliability and mobility performance analysis of HSPA, WCDMA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE devices


Standards conformance

Addresses the critical requirements for standards certification



Goes beyond conformance to address stringent operator-specific performance test areas

Features & Benefits

Provides a scalable, modular architecture with a flexible option-based design that allows you to add the capability you need when you need it.
World-class automation
Best-in-class automated performance testing provides ready-to-use scenarios that accurately reproduce real-world network conditions, yielding consistent and repeatable test results.
Detailed reports and analysis
Accelerate debugging and speed development and testing with multi-level reports for graphical results at a glance or detailed logs for deep-dive analysis.

Application note

ULTS Lab Simulation

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Data sheet

8100 MDTS UMTS Radio Access Performance Test Packs

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