Spirent's 8100 LTE system is the optimal solution for conformance and carrier acceptance testing of today’s LTE mobile devices and chipsets. It supports a wide range of application layer and modem layer test areas, and its flexible option-based design allows you to add test capabilities as you need them, either in full rack-mount systems or more economical desktop platforms.

What to test


Carrier aggregation

FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE and LTE-Advanced, with a roadmap up to 4 components and CAT9


IMS services and VoWiFi

Testing IMS, VoLTE, RCS, and VoWiFi/WiFi offloading and interoperability


User experience

Voice & video quality, data throughput, and battery performance


LTE mobility

Scenarios covering VoLTE, UMTS, CDMA 1X, eHRPD, and Wi-Fi networks


Standards conformance

Addresses the critical requirements for standards certification


Operator acceptance

Goes beyond conformance to address stringent operator-specific performance test areas

Spirent Video Analyzer

Video usage over wireless networks is growing rapidly, but delivering high-quality video streaming services is complex.  The Spirent Video Analyzer has a unique camera capture capability that presents a more realistic view of the user perspective.  Tests can be automated for carrier acceptance plans or run interactively for test definition or debugging scenarios.

Carrier Aggregation Testing

A modular, automated carrier aggregation data throughput testing platform that covers up to four components and up to CAT9 requirements, for current and future carrier needs.

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IMS, VoLTE, RCS, and VoWiFi Testing

In addition to supporting these test areas for carrier acceptance, Spirent offers a compact, interactive solution that helps operators define and prove-in test plans before they become widespread requirements.

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Features & Benefits

Testing Flexibility
Addresses R&D, DVT, conformance/certification, benchmarking/evaluation, acceptance, applications, and regression testing with a single system.
Best-in-class automated performance testing provides ready-to-use scenarios that accurately reproduce real-world network conditions, yielding consistent and repeatable test results.
Detailed reports and analysis
Accelerate debugging and speed development and testing with multi-level reports for graphical results at a glance or detailed logs for deep-dive analysis.
Modular architecture
Scalable platform supports specific test areas and grows for emerging applications and increasing test requirements.

White paper

IMS Architecture:
The LTE User Perspective

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Reference guide

IMS Procedures & Protocols:
The LTE User Perspective

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White paper

VoLTE Deployment and the Radio Access Network:
The LTE User Equipment Perspective

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