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Spirent responds to demands for real-time communication in industrial automation by supporting setups for TSN + OPC UA Smart Manufacturing testbeds
How is carrier-grade VoIP different from VoLTE? VoLTE requires a Quality-of-Service or QoS component.
The Spirent Customer Service Center was designed primarily to help you get the most out of your Spirent investmentuse it and help drive the success of your business and your initiatives.
Read how network traffic can impact the performance of encryption performance
Evaluate and characterize the performance of a virtual network before a huge NFVi roll out. Test with Spirent TestCenter Virtual and Attero-V.
Testing protocol stacks to be able to find defects before others do. Protocol fuzzing with Spirents CyberFlood Advanced Fuzzer SmartMutation.
An AUTOSAR ARXML file parser is available for the Spirent TestCenter software suite used by the automotive industry to test Autonomous systems.
Blog post that suggests reasons why ships collide even when they have GPS.
GPS Jammer - Exploitations used by several attackers with various motives. By Vladislav Gostomelsky On September 1, 2017 Security GPS Jammer, Satellites, Exploitations, Attackers, Security Threats, Cell Phone Jammers, Military jammers.
Spirent Communications provides test and service management solutions for the communications industry.
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