Security Testing Doesn't Have to be Complex

Broadband Testing: Avalanche NEXT Next Generation Firewall Test Report

BBT Next Generation Firewall ReportDoes high-level performance testing using application traffic really need to be complex? That’s the question independent analyst Steve Broadhead of Boadband-Testing Labs sought to answer in his latest report.

This report puts theory to the test by using Palo Alto Networks’ Enterprise-level Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), the PA-5020, and Spirent’s Avalanche NEXT as the security performance tester.

A test bed was created to run a series of tests aimed at confirming Palo Alto Networks “marketing figures” for the PA-5020—the ability to run at 2Gbps with every firewall feature enabled, regardless of traffic type. 

Spirent’s Avalanche NEXT provided a series of mixed application tests in order to mirror real-world usage. Real applications and protocols were used, not simulations, enabling us to emulate thousands of users on a real network.

So was Broadband-Testing Labs successful in their quest? Can high-level performance testing be made simple? Download the report to find out for yourself.

About Steve Broadhead

Steve BroadheadSteve Broadhead runs Broadband-Testing Labs, an independent test organization in Andorra, and writes on a freelance basis for a number of publications. Steve's IT and networking experience dates back to the early 1980's, deploying and managing PC networks for two insurance companies, after which time he made a sideways move into the world of computer journalism where he single-handedly introduced the world of networking to the UK publishing industry.

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