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Aug 3, 2016
Benchmark Studies Evaluate Enhanced Voice Services (EVS)

New Benchmark Studies Evaluate Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) in the Lab and Live Network. Signals Research Group and Spirent prove the benefits of the EVS codec in their “All Things VoLTE” series.

Aug 2, 2016
Spirent Introduces CyberFlood

Spirent CyberFlood™ is a next-generation testing solution to validate the security, performance and scalability of app-aware infrastructures from enterprise to carrier-grade network capacity

Jul 20, 2016
Spirent Presented With Royal Institute of Navigation Award for Technical Achievement

Spirent’s Paignton-based Positioning Technology Unit Receives Duke of Edinburgh’s Navigation Award for Technical Achievement 2016.

Jul 12, 2016
Spirent Landslide CORE Delivers Automated Live Network Testing for UQ

Spirent provides real-time network performance and optimization across all service nodes for UQ Communications for a higher subscriber experience

Jun 29, 2016
Spirent Launches GSS7000 Satellite Navigation Test System for Accessible, Flexible Multi-Frequency Multi-GNSS Testing

GSS7000 offers true performance at every test stage for applications looking to offer increased performance through multi-constellation and multi-frequency use.