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Interop Tokyo 2010 Shownet Grand Prix Award

Grandprix award image

Spirent Communications announced that its Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics™ module was honored with the Best of Interop Grand Prix award for its superior testing capabilities. The test module was used to validate the performance of 100G Ethernet traffic over a 50 kilometer fiber link operated by NTT Communications during Interop Shownet. This latest award solidifies Spirent’s role as an innovator and leader in high speed Ethernet (HSE) testing.

“Spirent’s award-winning platforms continue to lead the industry in performance and density and this recent test allows us to better understand the impact of interoperability within a 100G network,” said Kohei Kitade of the IP Network Department of Network Business Division, NTT Communications. “Our latest effort builds on a continued dedication to advancing next-generation networks. By working with Spirent, we can achieve our goal of remaining a leader in building and supporting high-speed Ethernet systems which address the needs of our customers both today as well in the future.”

Spirent TestCenter was equipped with IEEE 802.3ba 100GBASE-LR4 CFP transceivers developed and produced by Opnext Japan for this interoperability test, and was used to achieve error free 100G transmission. This test also verified interoperability between Spirent TestCenter, Infinera, and Opnext.