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2010 BGR Diamond Review

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Each year Broadband Gear Reports invites an independent panel of industry experts to evaluate solutions that support the cable industry. Based on the collective evaluations, the judges awards Diamond Review ratings to the solutions submitted. Two of Spirent’s solutions – Spirent Tech-X Flex and Spirent TestCenter Live were given elite rating of 4.5 and 4.0 diamonds respectively. 

Here is what two of the judges had to say about Spirent TestCenter Live. 

“[Spirent] TestCenter is one of the most comprehensive suites of performance management for Ethernet networks available. It enables SLA management and support for multiple classes of service through Layer 3,”said one judge.

“As cable operators find SLA maintenance and verification a requirement rather than an option, this platform offers a single solution to provide that capability both in the core and access network elements,” another Diamonds judge adds.