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2010 4GWE LTE Visionary Award

4GWE-LLTE Visionary Award 2011

Spirent’s eAirAccess wireless network emulator was presented the 2010 LTE Visionary Award. The award was presented by Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) in conjunction with Crossfire Media, recognizes the solution's role in advancing the development of LTE technologies.

eAirAccess is a true multi-radio access technology (RAT) network emulator used for testing mobile devices. Its real-time state machine emulates an entire post-deployment environment including LTE, WCDMA, GSM, HSPA, CDMA, EV-DO and Evolved High-Rate Packet Data (eHRPD) services, with multiple cells available per technology.

According to Carl Ford, co-founder and community developer, Crossfire Media,Spirent’s achievement in advancing 4G through LTE development is worthy of being selected as recipient of the 4GWE LTE Visionary Award. “Spirent is an innovator and one to watch for the next evolution of solutions,” he added.