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IMS Resources

IMS and VoLTE require LTE User Equipment (UE) developers to understand the core network in more detail than ever before, as well as the new test approaches required to validate their implementation. To support UE developers, we've compiled a suite of IMS/VoLTE reference resources.

Spirent IMS/VoLTE Resource Library

Each of these resources was designed with the needs of the LTE User Equipment developer in mind—providing detailed information and unique insights including detailed VoLTE call flow examples and live network logs.

Download the resources below for valuable information on IMS and VoLTE.

White Paper

IMS Architecture: The LTE User Equipment Perspective
Provides an overview of IMS, its architecture and applications from the perspective of the LTE User Equipment (UE). This paper includes a look at the evolution of voice services to a data-only LTE network.

Reference Guide

IMS Procedures and Protocols from the LTE User Equipment Perspective
Discusses related procedures, protocols and sample call flows (including VoLTE).

IMS/VoLTE Posters

IMS/VoLTE Reference
A convenient reference relating industry specifications to the topics most often addressed by mobile device designers.

LTE and the Mobile Internet
A high-level multi-generational architectural diagram connecting radio access networks, core networks and application servers.


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