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Help us shape tomorrow

Testing the future

The boundaries of how fast, far and accurately voice and data can be transmitted have yet to be reached, or even defined—and Spirent is leading the way.

Spirent Communications is where the world’s leading communications companies come to test and evaluate their next-generation communication systems. In fact, most of the industry’s significant advances have been made using our tests as the benchmark.


Our innovative solutions help to evaluate the latest technologies, infrastructure and applications. We also provide tools for service technicians and field test engineers to improve network quality and make troubleshooting more efficient and effective.

Spirent offers unique career opportunities at the cutting edge of technology. That’s because we are large enough to provide a wide range of possibilities, but small enough for you to be noticed and recognized. If you are bright, dedicated, and enthusiastic—Spirent is the place for you.

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Spirent participates in E-Verify, a service of DHS and SSA, where required.