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Spirent Enables Mobile Operators to Monitor Performance of Bandwidth Intensive Applications

Feb 27, 2012

Spirent TestCenter Live Delivers End-to-End Application Performance Monitoring from Mobile Devices to the Application Servers

Barcelona – February 27, 2012 – Spirent Communications, the leader in testing networks, services and devices, today announced the addition of a new mobile application performance monitoring capability to its Spirent TestCenter™ Live next-generation service assurance solution. The new capability monitors application performance, from the mobile devices on the Radio Access Network (RAN) through the mobile backhaul into the application server/gateway in the mobile packet core. This allows operators to actively monitor availability and performance metrics including download speeds of web pages, on-line gaming, VoIP, SMS and other applications.

“As data demands continue to grow exponentially, operators are increasingly highlighting application performance as a competitive differentiator,” said Spirent vice-president of service assurance John Cunningham. “Mobile operators need a monitoring solution that helps them proactively identify performance problems caused by this rising data demand. Building on our mobile backhaul solution with this new extension for RAN data performance sets us apart from any other competitive vendor. It is part of our broader commitment to wireless service providers to help them efficiently manage network growth for optimal end-user satisfaction.”

Spirent TestCenter Live now provides deeper insight into high-revenue services and applications, giving operators the ability to optimize operations resources that support these applications, by proactively identifying and fixing problems before they escalate. Many mobile operators have tended to rely on collection of customer complaints as a method for identifying application performance issues. By carrying out testing from the mobile device, network performance is more visible with Spirent TestCenter Live, because issues such as dropped calls or connection problems can accurately be evaluated. When combined with Spirent TestCenter’s test and diagnostics capabilities, alarms are generated that enable the operator to quickly isolate and resolve the source of problems in the RAN or in the mobile backhaul.

Deployment of the solution can be quickly completed utilizing agents on smartphone operating systems, on USB dongles/cards for laptops, and/or on dedicated probes inserted directly in the RAN. All of these devices push active traffic through the network in order to measure performance of application such as downloads, DNS, video and gaming. Mobile operators have the flexibility to customize testing frequency and thresholds to match their service performance criteria.

Subscribers benefit from this testing, as mobile operators are now able to ensure consistent data throughput and application performance, allowing users to enjoy the latest bandwidth-intensive applications without interruption from other device services. Operators using Spirent TestCenter Live for mobility testing can quickly minimize downtime and performance degradation, which can directly improve revenue. It also reduces customer dissatisfaction and turnover, to the further benefit of revenue streams and continued investment in 4G LTE networks.

For a demonstration of Spirent TestCenter Live and its latest application performance capabilities visit Spirent on Booth 1C14 at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

For more information about Spirent TestCenter Live and its application and network performance monitoring capabilities, visit http://www.spirent.com/Solutions-Directory/Spirent-TestCenter_Live